Third International School-Seminar “Photonics of Nano-and Microstructures”
Tomsk, Russia
7 – 11 September 2015

Third International School-Seminar "Photonics of Nano-and Microstructures"


Honour chairpersons
Professor Alexander Shelupanov, Rector of TUSUR, Head of the Department of Information Security of Electronic and Computing Devices, Director of the Institute of System Integration and Security, Chairman of PhNMS – 2015, Tomsk, Russia.
Academician, professor Yuri Kulchin, Vice-President Far Eastern Branch of RAS, Director of Institute of Automation and Control Processes of FEB RAS Vladivostok, Co-Chairman of PhNMS – 2015, Vladivostok, Russia.
International programme committee
Prof. A.A. Shelupanov, (Tomsk, Russia), chair
Acad. Yu.N. Kulchin (Vladivostok, Russia)
Corr. Mem. RAS A.A. Gorbatsevich (Moscow, Russia)
Prof. N.N. Evtiheev, (Moscow, Russia)
Prof. A.M. Zheltikov, (Moscow, Russia)
Prof. A.V. Kobashin (France)
Prof. A.A. Kamshilin (Finland)
Prof. S. Krishnaswamy (the USA)
Acad. O.N. Krohin (Moscow, Russia)
Prof. V.A. Makarov (Moscow, Russia)
Acad.V.Ya. Panchenko (Moscow, Russia)
Corr. Mem. RAS S.G. Psahie (Tomsk, Russia)
Corr. Mem. RAS A.I. Rudskoy (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Prof. S. Tanaka (Japan)
Prof. Acad. Jinping Ou (China)
Prof. Zhou Zhi (China)
Prof. T.R. Volk (Moscow, Russia)
Prof. A.V. Voitsehovskiy (Tomsk, Russia)
Prof. S.V. Smirnov (Tomsk, Russia)
Prof. A.L. Tolstik (Minsk, Belorussia)
Prof. S.M. Shandarov (Tomsk, Russia)
Organizing committee
Prof. R.V. Meshcheryakov (Tomsk, Russia), chair
Prof. S.N. Sharangovich (Tomsk, Russia)
Prof. V.A. Krakovskiy (Tomsk, Russia)
Prof. V.A. Kagadey (Tomsk, Russia)
PhD. N.N. Bakin (Tomsk, Russia)
Prof. R.V. Romashko (Vladivostok, Russia)
Prof. I.A. Sokolov (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Prof. S.M. Shandarov (Tomsk, Russia)
Prof. V.M. Shandarov (Tomsk, Russia)
Local committee
PhD. E.A. Yurchenkova (Tomsk, Russia), chair
PhD. A.S. Perin (Tomsk, Russia)
PhD. N.I. Burimov (Tomsk, Russia)